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Weaver of Curry Mallet

Welcome to the Weaver of Curry Mallet Storywalk.

This trail has been written and developed by Curry Mallet Primary School with support from the Heritage lottery Fund in connection with the Magna Carta Celebrations 2015.

The story begins outside Curry Mallet School and journeys along the tail to the south of the river and include stories written by all of Class 3 at Curry Mallet School.

Allow and hour at an amble, level terrain but sections in woodlands are tricky for the less mobile.


Chris Jelley

This tale begins at the gate of Curry Mallet Primary school, journey to this location and the story will reveal.
Chapter one

The Beginning

There once lived a weaver, in Curry Mallet, Somerset, whose skills were used to repair cloth and clothes for well pursed people. So great and desired was her craftsmanship that a poem or ditty would often follow her about.

When the wear of time is such a to do,
And the weft and weave have run right through.
She'll sew a seam so straight and true,
And stitch a patch as good as new.

Well one day a young man brought her a drawer of tapestries, which were in dire need of her skills and although this box was very heavy he did not seemed burdened by its weight and lightly placed it down in her workshop. She then set to making him a ticket and valuing the job before her.

Now the tapestries were old and numerous and he waited patiently while she marked up each repair and estimated the time it would take. At length she wrote out the ticket in double, one for her and one for him, and then said

'there is much work here, and if I am to undertake, then I will expect half payment first with the balance on completion.'

At this the young man took out two silver coins from his waistcoat pocket and laid them on the mantle piece shelf. He then took a wooden beaker and covered the two coins with it.

'Here is your fee in full,' he said 'Now you have my cloth and payment too, but I will ask two favours of you if you will allow.'

She nodded as neatly as her repairs and waited for him to continue.
Chapter two

The Proposition

'Walk with me in the evenings whilst this work is in your labour, for I would enjoy your company and we can tale or two as we meander.'

Well this sounded like a curious request, but the young man had already paid well so she said she would.

He smiled kindly at this and then said 'I have one further request, I have placed two silver coins beneath your beaker and if you leave them there and do not touch them till these works are complete then I shall give you another for every tale told.'

A tight smile drew across her face as if he were mocking her, but he then continued.

'But there is a rule, for you must not look under the beaker until the tapestries are repaired and back in my care. If you can do this, then you will find another silver coin for every story told. But if you cannot refrain, then there will be only the two.' He said this with such serious conviction that she took him at his word and bid him good day, so that she could get to her work.

All day long she worked at the tapestries and was so curious about the gentleman's words, that she left the beaker still, not touching it even when she lit the fire, nor when she dusted.

By the days end she had made a good start on the tapestries but it was time to meet her benefactor and so she made her way to the stream which runs to the south of Curry Mallet School.
Chapter three

The First Walk

The Gentleman is waiting for her and she loops her arm through his as is the custom in these parts. They then walk along the trail with birds singing and dancing in the hedgerows.

I have many stories to tell and some of which I have not even heard myself yet, indulge me for I know a few things about Curry Mallet which may surprise you.
Follow the path up stream.
Chapter four

The story

'Here' he said, 'let me tell you a story' and so he began his tale.
Chapter five


Many many moons ago the fox and the cat were best friends. They would meet every night to go hunting together. One Friday night they met during a lightening storm. The lightening made the cat's hair jump and fizz. They ran into the school playground and jumped through an open window into a classroom.

In a flash of light that was dark green and bright blue, they saw the Queen of Mice. She was dancing with a spider, who had a white moustache 'what are you doing ?' asked the fox. The cat was ready to pounce, her whiskers twitched. The cat jumped like a sheep at the queen mouse but to save the queen mouse the spider bit the cat on it's front paw.

The cat meaowed loudly and limped back to the fox appearing to be slow motion because of the injury. Together again, the fox and the cat dissapeared through the school gate into the wet, stormy night. The queen of mice thanked the spider for saving her life and invited him to join her for tea, making him a cheese and fly sandwich. The queen of mice and the spider became the best of friends and got married, living happily ever after.
Follow the path up stream.
Chapter six

The story

As the weaver and the gentleman walked the sun was warm upon their backs.

'Here' he said, 'let me tell you a story' and so he began another little story.
Chapter seven


Once there was a race of small people called Mogarts. They were very fast and very wise. They were also vicious and their bravery was immense. They lived in the Brown hills, by the river Cahc. They were hated by a tribe called the Hollows. They were brave creatures that were invisible and wore heavy Armour. They were brutal and strong but also quiet slow.

One day the hollows attacked the Brown hills and devastated the Mogarts villages. Luckily the Mogarts escaped and rode to the otherside of thr River Cahc. The Hollows tried to follow, but with their heavy armour their boat sank. If they took their armour off they would be weak and easy to defeat, ( although invisible) the Mogarts ran for days. Trying to find the lost holy city of the Mogarts. The city of Juvias...

The Hollows approached the gates of Juvias. They were planning to ambush the Mogarts when they tried to take the city. They set up camps and kept lookouts watching twenty four hours a day. Then on the seventh day, the Mogarts arrived. The Hollows performed an ambush and defeated the Mogarts. All except ten.... A family of Mogarts including the Mogart king Thandell. They fought and fought, although outnumbered by hundreds. They fought until there were nine left..... eight...seven....six and five.They bravely slayed Hollows until only two Mogarts remained. King Thandell and Prince Kwall. They surrendered and were hung by the Hollows but it was said they died a heroes death. They were remembered by the Hollows as tough enemies. The Mogarts.........
Chapter eight


Once there was a squirrel who lived on a river bank. One day he decided to go fishing and he caught one fish. Just enough for dinner! After dinner he went digging for gold and found a nugget as big as his fist so took it to the gold shop, but it turned out to be fools gold. The squirrel was disappointed that it wasn't really valuable but thought it looked good in the house anyway.

Four weeks later, tired of digging for real treasure he took a plane to Morocco. When he arrived he went sunbathing and just rested. The End
Follow the path up stream.
Chapter nine

The story

A little further down the lane, the weaver and the gentleman talked.

They stopped and it was then that he began telling the next story.
Chapter ten


It was a warm day in Curry Mallet. The sun was shining and the grass was swaying. The birds began to sing and the stream was peaceful and calm.

The still was suddenly disturbed when a flash whizzed past. It darted as fast as lightning and was an eel. The eel came to a halt. He slid into his home which was located under a rock. He immediately noticed that he was in trouble.

His shiny precious pearls were gone, stolen, he was angry! Someone had taken them. He attempted to locate them but he couldn't. He yelled and shouted! He swam to the surface. He caught sight of a soldier walking along a path next to the stream. He decided to ask him whether he knew where the pearls were.

"Do you know where my pearls are?" asked the eel. The soldier pointed to a turtle that was lying down on a patch of grass. He rushed over to the turtle. He stepped onto the grass. The turtle looked up. The eel explained that the pearls were his. The turtle apologised he didn't know they belonged to anyone. The turtle was very sorry. "I forgive you" stated the eel as the turtle handed them over.

The eel, with his pearls in his hands, returned to his house. He was so glad that they hadn't been damaged. The pearls shone in the sun light that beamed down from the bright blue sky. He approached his house and entered. He felt very happy. He returned his pearls to where they belonged. He began to feel tired and plodded over slowly to his freshly polished wooden chair. He sat down. He closed his eyes feeling very relaxed and slowly fell asleep.
Follow the path up stream.
Chapter eleven

The story

Further down the lane the weaver and the gentleman walked and they talked about many things, but then he began telling a new his story.
Chapter twelve


Dong!Dong! The noise echoed as Laurence rushed to the gates. Alone could see was the stream running by. Then he looked down where a boy handed him a letter. He opened the letter and it read - We have heard evil is coming to destroy the Gem... At this Laurence scampered off to the king to tell him the news. He was sat on his throne and very intrigued by the news but not at all happy. This was no ordinary Gem, it held all power of life... Now the only sound was the clink of armour. Elves had rallied to every corner of the land, Anmar soldiers took to the skies with their elegant wings. Marines pranced under the water. Out of the castle, boats set off, and underneath the stickleback submarines set off for WAR!

Finally they reached the Gem, archers climbed onto the towers arrows aiming. Elves held shields and spears as a wall to protect them. The Gem was hidden in a rock that lay in the middle of the lake. Marines and stickleback submarines aimed their cannons. Anmar soldiers whipped their swords out, flying forwards. But all was silent. No sound came, weren't they attacking? Only the gold armour reflecting off the sun could be seen.

SUDDENLY! A rumble grew inside the hill and a blood-red glow shone through. Before anyone knew shards of rock cascaded all over the soldiers and a burst of fire took your breath away with it's awe. Bees buzzed everywhere jousting with wasps. Marines created shock waves, stunning the minnow submarines. The ground was flickered with fire. The elves sliced their sword stabbing spiders. Anmar soldiers whipped out there swords swirling with craftiness.

Incredibly the demons could teleport, and their hollow fingers gripped the men and crushed them to dust. Anmar soldiers sliced demons with there impossible mite. The ground became littered with blood and corpses, each one stared up into the wide sky not blinking. Pale faces stunned the ground, as the battle raged on. Swords bashed and clashed, but slowly it grew quieter as the battle came to a close. The light was fading as shards of the moon glittered. BOOM! The kingdom collapsed crushing men, but thankfully the Gem did not move if so the world would have ended right there and then...

The only thing that held in place was the suns rays. It went through the kingdom in the Gem and ricocheted off the earths core then bounced back and forth between the sun and the core. Now only King Anmar and Gore remained... Diving forward Anmar drove his sword into Gore...His sword snapped! grabbing his daggers Anmar hurled them at Gore they just pinged of not even denting. All he had left was his bow, jumping up he climbed to a high rock, Gore blurting fire! Suddenly Anmar saw a broken scale. Aim fire! It went deep in his skin as he crumpled! Fire seethed all around Anmar lost his footing and plunged down to his death...

The End
Chapter thirteen


Grind. Grind.The sound of the army sharpening knives and talons rang through the air. Cave doors slid open with a groan that set teeth on edge. Bright yellow and black wasps were being saddled and having their pin-like stings sharpened. This is the bad army. The bad army getting ready for war.

Zalor's tail flicked back and forth in his anxiety. Muscles writhed like snakes under copper-bronze scales as a slither of neon-green acid shrieked from his mighty jaws. Bang! Bang! Bang! The loud knocks echoed through the cave and made his head spin like a cart wheel."The army is ready,my Lord." said a man.
"ATTACK!"Zalor roared with malice.

ROAR! The noise reverberated through the still air and shivered down the passages. The dwarves froze "Dragon" squeaked a young dwarf in terror. His beard looked like a birds nest as he jogged down the deserted tunnels. The armoury was packed to bursting. One thing that was true about Curry Mallet dwarves, they weren't very bright. Everybody was putting on wooden armour and picking up axes and autumn-leaf covered shields. "Let's go." announced a dwarf.

When the dwarves arrived, the scene was raging like an angry tiger. Zalor was in the midst of the battle, spitting acid and swirling his mighty tail. Bees and wasps were whizzing overhead. Flashes of grey, silver and blue darted like sunlight in the deep water. Beige ogres swirled their clubs and elves shot arrows with piercing accuracy. Above, the watery-blue sky was turning to an inky flowing cape."Rally to me!" bellowed a bull-like voice. Zalor was at the edge of the bank. The king dwarf stole a bow and one arrow from a fallen elf (I'll return it) and shot the arrow. Ping! The arrow sunk deep into Zalor's eye and he tumbled off the bank. A roar of cheers split the air.

But suddenly, a huge copper claw appeared over the edge...
Follow the path up stream.
Chapter fourteen

The Story

The two walk further along together, and then stop as he begins a new set of tales.
Chapter fifteen


One beautiful sunny day when the birds tweeted and the clock struck twelve, Ava a young girl skipped joyfully along this stony pathway as always on a Saturday. She was on her way to collect her mail from the Post Office. She hummed to herself happily while the stream trickled beside her. Suddenly this thing bobbed along. It was a blue and red spotted teapot. Ava bent down and grabbed it. She opened the lid, inside was some mail. Ava opened the mail...It was addressed to her! She was shocked and confused. Ava decided to take the short cut along the field to get to the Post Office to ask about the teapot. It was amazing and incredible that Ava's mail was in the teapot sailing beside her!

When she got there, she rang the bronze bell to get attention. An old lady hobbled over to the till. She said "What`s wrong?" Ava told her everything. The old lady told Ava that it was all the postman's fault. So when the postman was busy doing his rounds Ava approched him and asked him about it.

He told her this:
This morning he fell down the stairs by standing on the tie of his dressing gown. He broke his glasses and couldn`t find them, but without them he couldn`t see a thing. So he decided to walk to work today instead of driving, which was far safer.

When he got to work he needed a cup of tea aswell as put the post in the post bag and since he was running so late he was in quite a rush. But he got in an muddle and put his post bag on the stove and the teapot on the window sill. A couple of moments later he looked to the window and was saw sure he saw a duck sitting there. 'Oh we can't have you on the window sill' he said and lifted the duck and took it to the river. But it wasn't a duck it was the teapot!

Ava understood and told him that she was ever so sorry and that she would help him find his glasses and fix them. So Ava and the postman walked off together.

Chapter sixteen

Charlie and the wardrobe

There was once a secret wardrobe which could take you anywhere in the world. King John owned it. One day king john lost it because he had thousands of the same wardrobe but only one could move. He used it so much it hid itself in the wall and hid in there for over 1000 years. Sadly the hole crumbled and fell on top of the wardrobe it was trapped in there and it kept banging on the wall paper.

One day a boy called Charlie came to the house for a school trip and lost the class and then heard something rattling behind the wall.he ripped away at the wall paper and he found it covered in dust. He went inside it then it took him to the local forest. He went into the woods and saw there were men cutting down the trees.

In one of the tree trunks it said stop these men from cutting down our trees. Charlie heard the birds fly out of the forest as the big brown trees fell to the ground. Charlie went back to the house and made a sign and it said stop cutting down our trees or I'll get king John.

He showed the men the sign and the men stopped, put there chainsaws down and said we are so sorry for cutting down these amazing trees. Charlie was very happy. Charlie took the wardrobe back to the house.
Chapter seventeen


One day there was an old fisherman who loved to sleep in a cool place, but his shop was never open. But then he went to a lily covered valley. In the valley was a river, so he could catch some fish. He caught some fish. He cut open the fish and found a pearl that his mum had given him at this river. It had his name on it. Then he remembered this is the river where my mum gave me the pearl but I dropped it in the river. Then, he painted the fish with some spices and put them in the cool box. A little while later, at his shop, about to cook his fish he smelt some gassy, vile fumes. He ran up the ramp and turned off the gas.

He had cooked the fish and he went to eat them in a nearby wood by a stream. It was so peaceful when he had finished eating he fell asleep. A while later when he woke up, he felt his pearl a couple of times which made him think of his mum. Then he made his way slowly back to his house.
Chapter eighteen


Chapter 1:The Discovery :

Peter strode out of the White gate of his house and wondered steadily up the gravel path, with his slate, leading to school. It started at 8:50 and as he slowly trudged over the muddy wood floor the sun shone on something metal and it caught his eye. He bent down and picked it up then he weighed it in his hands. He admired the sleek forging and cutting of the wood. It was an old catapult and it worked perfectly when he tested it without ammunition first. Then Peter got on his hands and knees and scrambled around for a decent stone. When he found one he loaded it in and pulled back the rope then he hooked it on. Peter cautiosly looked around at the flowers exploding out like trumpets it seemed that all the trees and all the world were staring back at him. Then he tugged at the rope and the stone was hurled through the air!!!!!!!!

Chapter 2: In trouble:

David Small was having a lovely ride in the country. He was in his favourite little steam engine. It was a dark shade of green with the number 13 was printed on the side. It was a old engine and he loved it dearly. "Woooooossshhh........Bang" it took David a while to realise what had happened...A stone had been thrown through the air and it had smashed his own window. He was so distracted that he suddenly realised that he had come off his rails. Now he was stuck in a ditch with no one to go to to help him!!!!!!

Chapter 3: Told Off

And so Peter went to school not knowing what had happened with all the train business and had a normal day at school. But when he got home his mother was grimly waiting to receive him looking sternly at him.
" I hear you have fired a stone at Mr Small and his lovely engine!!!"
"What, I haven't done anything of the sort!!"
"Oh really!!"
"Ah that, But I wasn't aiming for him!!!"

Turn right and walk along the field edge.
Chapter nineteen

The story

Wondering along the empty field humming to each getting ready for another story.
Chapter twenty


There once was a fairy named Twinkle. She lived in Curry Mallet forest. She loved it there for she was free. In her free time she built a theme park for squirrels. One day Twinkle sat on a thatched roof when suddenly "BOO!" Something scared her and she fell off the roof..."Ow my wing!" she squealed.

She was pretty sure it was broken as she couldn't move it so she called for help, sure enough a deer, badger and bunny came running to the rescue, the deer carried Twinkle on his back. When they got back they tied Twinkle's wing back so she wouldn't use it. and held it in place with a twig for a couple of weeks until it was better. When it was better they had a party to celebrate, and she never sat on that roof again.
Continue up along the field edge.
Chapter twenty-one

The Story

They skipped along arm in arm ready to hear the next story!!!
Chapter twenty-two


One summer Saturday morning in Curry Mallet there was a very pretty girl called Gold. She wore a spotty dress with black leather boots. Gold was delivering her eggs from her chickens to the neighbours. As she was skipping down the wooded path she saw a small china boat, it was softly bobbing up and down along the river. Gold swiftly ran down to the river and very gently put it in her pocket so it didn't brake.

Gold carried on going to the people to give them their eggs. When she got to the first people Mr and Mrs Smith, she asked if they knew anything about this beautiful china boat. They didn't know anything about it. When Gold got to the post office she asked if they knew anything, they unfortunately didn't. Gold was getting very frustrated and upset, she carried on asking people and delivering the eggs but know-one knew. Her parents asked what was wrong.

Slowly Gold carefully got the boat out of her pocket and showed it to them. The sun reflected it in Golds parents eyes, there face lit up and so did their eyes. They couldn't believe it, they picked it up and examined it and were saying was it theirs it couldn't be. Then they lifted it up and it said there surname in big letters. They were over the moon with joy! Golds parents were shocked because theirs got washed away in the floods and they thought they would never see it again!!
Continue up along the field edge and continue straight. You will find the path has a hedge to your right just further along. Then follow the path next to the stream.
Chapter twenty-three

The story

The two walked on for a while then stopped to begin another story.
Chapter twenty-four


I have a tale to tell... One summer morning I woke up! Well, this river which I live right next to, woke me up!! Splashing and bubbling!! My head was on the pillow, my duvet was on the floor, IT WAS TERRIBLE. But there, in the distant horizon I noticed a magical tree of some sort, was swaying in the morning breeze I had never seen it before. So later that day I thought I would go on an adventure to find it, if I possibly could. So I nipped through the old creaky gateway, and saw the path leading to the beautiful hollow tree that shimmered in the bright sun light.

I then ran up the wiggly paths. I climbed up the hills until I reached the gorges tree. By the side of the tree, quite unexpected was old badger. The creepy badger told me to complete a very special task. That very special task was to find one wise squirrel, two baby deer and three goldfish. " if you complete my task then I will give you six GOLD COINS, " he said in a quiet but soft voice. "But if you don't you will give me one goldfish and one GOLD COIN " and with that the sly badger was gone...
Follow the path up stream.
Chapter twenty-five

The story

Now jogging along she stopped this time and told the next story.
Chapter twenty-six


Once there was an infected battlefield with rats and field mice, and up in a cloud above lived two dragons. A cavalry was attacking the dragons who had amazing powers to heal the great whales of the sea. A great battle occurred and the older and wiser dragon was killed. Across the battlefield there was a poisonous stream, it was muddy and brown. All sorts of things could be seen floating down the steam including a letter.

After a battle one day one of the soldiers from the cavalry spotted the letter, wet and soggy. He picked it up and read it. It was from the enemy, threatening a battle. He sprinted to the fortress, and warned the king. Meanwhile, a rat ran up the other dragon, who was swimming peacefully in the stream, and the dragon hungrily ate it. He felt really ill and collapsed onto the riverbank. He knew that the only cure was cake...Curry Mallet post office must be the place to go, he thought to himself. He set off, resting a while under the bridge, dreaming off the delicious creamy filling chocolate cake he would eat when he got there.
Chapter twenty-seven


Go over the little foot bridge.
Chapter twenty-eight

Bob and the missing lime

A long time ago there lived a cat called bob. He went on a quest to find the missing lime. He needed a lime for food and drink. He had to go through a maze to find it, so he set off. A little while later he came across Godzilla! fighting King Kong. Frightened! Bob sped away! As he is scared of Godzilla and King Kong but as he ran he bumped into King Dora fighting the burning Godzilla.

Happily he runs into a lime! Incredible

It turned out Godzilla is a good friendly soul. They eat the two limes together sat by the little bridge; listening to the water flowing in the stream.
Chapter twenty-nine

The Broken Bridge

One bright and early morning in the beautiful village of Curry Mallet, was a cute little hidden thatched cottage where a kind and loving family lived with their 13 year old son Ollie. Ollie worked in the little local village shop under a huge conker tree. In Ollies spare time he would go and sit on the bridge out side his house and he would listen to the water, the creaking trees and he would let the leaves flow through his hair and the birds would sing a tune which made Ollie sleepy.

After a long hard day at the shop he wandered over to the bridge, every time he got there he would find a new mysterious thing or object and he saw that the bridge was starting to crack and rot. Ollie sprinted home to return with black and yellow tape to put around it and to stop people going over it.

Early the next morning Ollie woke up and shot out of bed and ran to the bridge, when he got there he was in for a surprise the bridge had collapsed into the trickling stream, Ollie plodded off to work a long hard day ahead thinking of the fallen bridge. When Ollie arrived home he saw that his parents were looking at him, his mother started a conversation saying " we had a phone call from the shop saying that you weren't your self today, why is that?" Ollie didn't want to say but he felt he had to he never let his parents down, " it's the bridge, I,I,I,I,I,I,it's broken!" He cried.

His parent thought long and hard through the night.

It was morning Ollie woke up to the sound of banning he got up and scrubbed the window but nothing was to be seen, he got changed and went to work but he was early so he ran to the bridge forgetting what happened yesterday, when he got there he saw people building the bridge and they were putting a sign saying Ollies bridge.

Ollie spent the day there because he got the day off, he daydreamed for most the time, "Ollie it's time for bed!" Shouted his mother so he shot home and fell asleep straight away.

Ollie woke up all fresh and ready for the day he ran to the bridge and in front of him was a gold candle holder with a cute little tea cup inside it just like the one his mother lost in the flood 2 years ago, he grabbed it and ran home and gave it to his mother she staired at it and she softly said " thank you Ollie thank you very much!" He gave him a kiss and a hug and they all lived a quiet and lovely life in the beautiful village of Curry Mallet!
Continue along the path.
Chapter thirty


The sun made its way up the sky just above the hills and valleys. A little girl woke up at the sound of an engine rattling away but suddenly stopped. The girl was called Amy, she was twelve and she had long blonde hair that reached all the way down her back. She also had a very itchy dress that had grass stains and holes all over it.
"what is going on?" Amy wondered.

Amy looked out of the window of her poor little house. It was a fox covered in jewels with a gold crown (which was fake) he also had a cloth on his back, but he described it as a velvet cape."Who are you? Filthy little worm!" barked the fox.

"I...I..I'm Amy" she stammered, a bit taken aback.

"Well go away Amy!" he shouted "You are too poor for me, and look at your house... you are a disgrace!"

Fox was a bad animal! He stole everything that looked shiny, sparkly, pretty and yummy and even animals that looked good for slavery work for 24 hours every day. The fox lived in a castle that was inside a tree the other side of the bridge. Under the bridge there was a huge room where the pretend king stored all his treasure. It was very well protected by a huge padlock and had two knights waiting outside the door. You had to treat him like a king or he would shoot you or hang your family.

"Now go of before I shoot you! " snarled the bad fox.

"NO!" shouted Amy "You're that horrible fox that everybody has been talking about! " she screamed. "You are the fox that is supposed to be in jail! I knew I had seen you before!" Amy bellowed. Fox jumped out of his Rolls Royce and ran for it, he was out of breath when he got half way across the field. Fox wasn't used to running and because he was so fat he became out of breath very quickly. He stopped at the top thinking he had lost Amy but she caught him and pushed him to the ground.

An hour later the police had taken him away and fox was back to where he was supposed to be!
Chapter thirty-one


One winter morning in a damp dark meadow was a dog called Humphrey. He had spent the morning bouncing over the grass. At the end of the meadow was a stream. In the stream was a beautiful goldfish swimming along quite happily. Humphrey used to play along side the stream, following the goldfish along the way.

Later one afternoon a person was walking through the meadow and approached Humphrey.
"What a lovely dog , I must have him!" This strange girl grabbed the dog and took him home.
Meanwhile the goldfish had witnessed this and was really annoyed.

The fish swam through river's and streams to get to the dog. Fish didn't know wich house he was in, so became really sad. Just then the fish realised that the dog had an owner so the fish swam back and he saw the dog waiting for him in the winter meadow.

Walk to the main road and then turn right.
Chapter thirty-two

Chapter thirty-three


One lonely day in Curry Mallet village a wolf marched up and down this very deserted path. The sun baked on the wolfs back. Just then a pig walked out of the ditch but it didn't last very long.

Out of the corner of the wolfs eye he saw something, he padded over to it. It was a piece of flint. He was confused he'd never seen a piece of Flint before. Just then a little girl jumped off the wall with her doll. She didn't know the dangers of this violent wolf.

"Cute doggy," she said filling with delight.

The wolf growled, but that just made her come closer, the wolf couldn't resist it any more, and pounced! The little girl dropped her doll. She also screamed! The wolf was still hungry ( despite the fact he had just devoured an entire pig ) so he grabbed the girls arms between his meaty jaws and bit clean through them, then swallowed them whole!

" My hands, my hands," she was screaming severly now. She bolted upright and threw the wolf of her. she startled it which was very unusual. Then the girl stood up and ran until the wolf could see her no more.The wolf laid down in the bushes and pondered. What was the girl doing now?Was she still screaming about her hands?

Had something else finished her off? The wolf thought he was made of pure brilliance so fell asleep. Or did he? Was he maybe waiting, waiting,waiting for another foolish prey?.......

At the dead of night the little girl's father came to the wolf while it really slept. He pulled a spindley eight leg creature out of a clear glass jar and dropped it into the deep depths of the wolf's grey fur. The creature was like a needle in a hay stack.

"I will avenge my daughter" he growled in a harsh voice (because his daughter had unfortunately died). With that the creature bit the wolf. Crimson with a hint of orange oozed out from where the creature had bit it. The wolf's eyes shot open and let out a displeasing yelp! Just then the wolf's eyes closed and let out its last breath! The girl's father was finally happy he had avenged his daughter with the wolf's termination.
Chapter thirty-four


The crack in the wall is from the sea gulls grip as you will discover. One misty morning
In a cottage next to a Countryside lnn William Shakespeare dropped a mask. But this was no ordinary mask this was the only mask of phantoms!

It was now coverd in Ketchup (that had exploded) he ran to work. Unfortunately the squirrel had bean watching him...He jumped in to the sink of a dish ( that was floting on top of the water ) and on to the floor as he looked out from the roof. Meanwhile a sea gull snatched the mask and then dropped it infront of will.
Chapter thirty-five


As the trees swayed swiftly side to side a small figure slipped under the cold black gate. The wind followed this figure and pushed it in to the flower beds and there stood a puppy tackling the flowers that hung over his head like a roof. Suddenly the puppy jumped to his feet in a hurry then immediately started foraging for food. Finally he caught glimps of a small rodent and pounced on it like a cat, and munched away at it as he was so hungry.

After his meal, he noticed the pile of stone (house) cemented together and leaped in to the lower windows of the cottage just here where we are stood. In side there was no one ther so he made himself at home in front of the fire that was still alight. The rug that she lay on was warm and very soft and he fell asleep not afraid of anything.

He was still fast asleep when the door was unlocked and a baby cried as it was put to sleep. No one came they seemed too busy doing things to relax in the lounge, which was good because the puppy was still asleep, even though the fire had now gone out.The soft white rug was still as warm as anyting inthe house.

Suddenly the door to the lounge swung open and woke the puppy. In fright he scampered to the window but couldn't get out because someone had shut the window. The owners of the house wondered where the puppy had come from and how it had got there. But all was a mystery! They could talk to the dog but the dog couldn't talk to them because no one can understand dog!

The puppy had come a long way from home because nobody had lost a dog or a puppy in Curry Mallet. So they went to the vets and the vet said the family could keep the puppy if they wanted. So the family decided to keep the poor looking puppy and named him Toffee.

Toffee grew up to be a happy dog. He had lots of fun with their children, Jack, Scarlet and Matt. They walked him and played with him.

And Toffee became the happiest dog on earth!
Chapter thirty-six

Continue along the road.
Chapter thirty-seven

The story

Now the weaver tells a tale, one she knows from long ago:
Chapter thirty-eight


There once was a desperate child who lived on the harbour. He had brown hair, raggedy clothes and gentle green eyes. His feet were bare and he had no home. His careless parents dumped him on a stone pontoon when he was only three. That was seven years ago when he was dumped by his parents on the pontoon without chance of rescue, there was sea for miles and miles all around and he didn't know which way the land was so couldn't even swim home. Even worse he then slipped on some oil and landed on a nail which had been sticking out of the pontoon but now was lodged in his back! It was so deep and really painful, he cried vigorously.

But then he saw a small white tug boat on the horizon. He waved his hands urgently like a windmill, and forgot all about his pain. Thankfully they saw him and sailed over.

"Now I might have a safe home and good care compared to what I had before!" Though Tom

Luckily for Tom, it was a fishing tug and the men helped him on board. First they cleaned up Tom's terrible cut on his back with the medical kit they had on board, they had to remove the nail with a pair of tweezers!

As Tom recovered the fisherman suggested that Tom should be their fisher boy. Tom would learn to fish and he would have a place to live.
And that's exactly what happened. All was well.

Tom's back healed and the fisherman's family treated him fairly, but Tom always wondered where his true family were and if one day he would be re united with them.
Chapter thirty-nine

The story

The Gentleman tells her, in his calm, quiet voice another tale he knows well:
Chapter forty


One day an explorer went to a distant land with lots of crevasses, one of them is so deep a whole village was down there! That crevasse is so deep you can only see a steeple and little glowing lights of the villagers' torches.

The reason the explorer was in the forest was because he wanted to find that village. One day he found an arrow and followed where it pointed.Then his hand was scratched by a branch and he fell into the crevasse. It took him a few minutes to reach the bottom. When he did he thought he might die but he had fallen in a deep hole filled with mud!

Just then he heard a little voice "Are you ok?" He looked up and saw a little boy.
"Yes i'm ok, what is your name?" The boy replied.
"Harold is my name!"
"How did you survive the storm?" the explorer asked.
The boy explained that his village of Curry Mallet had fallen into the crevasse, he lived in the ancient manor house, of which his parents worked and lived. Just then he heard a hsssssssssssssss "wwwhats that" asked the explorer "the mega monster run!"
Continue along the road bearing right up ahead.
Chapter forty-one


One summers evening, Sister Lucy was walking merrily bare foot along the lane.

In her hands she was carefully carrying her homemade soup, a local recipe dating back to the 1800's. Each week she sells her delicious silky liquid to the Post Office. For her trouble she was rewarded with cob nuts.

This week on her way back home, she was saddened by the sight of a little girl being pushed out of her home. Unwanted and unloved, she was one mouth too many to feed.

Feeling sorry for the poor tiny thing, Sister Lucy took her into her care. Isabel helped Sister Lucy feed and care for the animals. Feeding gods creatures with bags of cob nuts made Isabel giggle.

Isabel grew up being cared for by the nuns. She went from strength to strength with love and care and of course the soup! She grew up beautiful and caring young lady.
Chapter forty-two


It was a amazing day when Delphi the dolphin was flipping her tail in the shimmery
Sunlight, she swirled the waters to make waves and tiny ripples. Delphi the dolphin had a special thing and that special thing was to swim and go for a fire walk and reach a red leafed tree with big round red berries, then she would say some magic words and then the red leafed tree would turn into dust and behind the dust appeared a door with vines growing around it, and when she grabbed the door handle she turned into a human with long brown lox, as she entered the human world for the seventh time, but she didn't know that there was a fine queen in the human world.

The queen wanted a ruby red leafed tree for her posh court yard so she sent a woods man to chop one down for her, so the woods man set to work and started to chop one down. The evening came and it was time for Delphi the human to go home then she realised that the tree was know longer there so couldn't go home! She cried and cried but she needed to know more about this strange world so perhaps it was good to stay a little longer. After she got home she knew she would remember the amazing times when she was delphi the dolphin the end.
Continue along the road and keep to the right.
Chapter forty-three


I live in China and have a relative in England who has a drill for diamonds. Once found a topaz that was pale blue and he's kept it for all his time he's been alive. I'm a plumber and I go around the world and go in people's houses. My relative in England is 78 and I'm 57.

I was once working in someone's house and I asked "Would it be OK if i went down your sewage pipe?" "Yes it will be OK!"

As I went down I felt a bit squashed so I tried to get out. I was stuck!

I tried to shout to the lady up the top but she couldn't hear. So I had to try and make my way down to the bottom. When I got down there I looked around and it reminded me of something. It looked like a cave!

I walked and walked, one direction led nowhere, so I walked another way and it didn't end so I kept walking and thankfully eventually saw a light.

I went to the light and came out into the day. I lay there for a minute or two and got up. I looked around and it looked like something familiar. It looked like my relative in England's mine. Was it or not?

As I walked, the mine slowly became the basement of a house. I was in my relative's house in Curry Mallet! Someone popped out from the house. It was the relative from England! He had a blue diamond in his hand. It was a topaz and he was giving it to me!
Chapter forty-four


I live in Africa and I'm a dragon, the thing that gets on my nerves here is Mr Dent my nephew. He's a massive lion that always says he's got a secret or something like that, but just says it to wind people up and it isn't he said today he had a lake that he made and magically water appeared in it. It didn't!(He does live in a pretty awesome cave though!)

After that fortunately, because this served him right. He had skin cancer! Bob the dragon didn't care though because he was fed up with him. He got as angry as a bull in rage with him when he saw him.One day he decided to go fishing and caught nine mackerel and fifty six rocks! He then went into his dark murky cave to have his fish and went to his bed.

Then the next day after a good sleep he decided to go for a stroll in the sky then in the sky he saw in the distance a black fire breathing dragon he turned around and tried to fly away but he was faster and had the advantage with everything! He flew in front of him and took out his claw and sliced a chunk of his skin off!

Bob got so angry that he spat fire out of his mouth at him flying through the twigs and branches and eventually got the black dragon and burned!

Then after that he had fought the dragon he went to the dragon hospital and finally he was healed up and went to his cave to have a good life.

Turn right onto Marshway.
Chapter forty-five


Jeff was a poor man who hunted for a living but he was always being scammed. His house was a mouse so small and un-noticeable. He was going out and saw a sign, signed by king John. It said no hunting with out permission he was shocked stuned and upset. One day he saw a job offer to be a miner he rushed and he apllied and was shown around the mine but it was still little pay and he went home to see a dog left and decided to keep him.

One day Jeff and Shelby (his pet dog) were out walking and found a old abandoned mine. Being poor this made them feel very hopeful and they ventured inside. Shelby started barking, "what is boy?" It was a magic creature! Part goat, part owl ! It was so outstanding to all the other animals. But they left it in peace passing the sign saying go back! They caught a glimpse of gold and hacked it out he put the only piece in his pocket and they left. When they got home he couldn't find the gold in his coat he shook it and out came over 1000000 gold coins. He brought every shop, stall or market in the whole of Somerset and had a house built in Curry Mallet and called it the manor and brought all the farms, and became very rich but every day he would give everyone in Curry Mallet enough food for every one for the day and a small bit of money.

Continue along with the manor wall to your right.
Chapter forty-six

The Ending

All the tapestries had now been repaired and awaited the gentleman's collection, as the clock struck 11.00 he entered her workshop as he had done all those weeks before.

'Would you show me your work, please'

Why of course she said, and retrieved the first of six from the casket.

She laid it out across her long table, and over all the months she had worked on the frail cloth, this was indeed the very first time she had seen any in full it's glory. It was a story, a little like a cartoon, but all stitched rather than drawn, and in each panel were characters and places, people and animals, all busy doing things, chatting, mending, repairing.

The gentleman said to her, 'Can you tell me what you see, please?' So she began to read the tapestry for the first time.

The first picture was of Dragon the second a dog called Shelby

The next story told of Lucy with the soup and the Nuns.

When she read the forth she recognised the gate, and the dress the person wore, she knew she was in the story herself!

Disbelieving she then unrolled the next tapestry which she had repaired, the ancient story which was so moth eaten and ragged that she had fretted hard over it's recovery. All these amazing tapestry pictures were of all the stories they had told each other.

The lady then sat down on her bench, lost for words and not sure what had happened, unable to speak even a single word.

'You have mended this ancient cloth excellently' said the gentleman, 'and have earned every coin which is beneath you beaker.'

She had almost forgotten completely about the fee, and he had paid up front as well, with two shiny silver coins.

'I said that I would give you another for each story told,' and at that he lifted the up turned beaker, and out poured at least twenty silver coins. They cascaded across the mantle piece and some even fell onto the stone floor.

The gentleman then said 'Thank you' rolled the tapestries back into the draw, and lifted them as if they were as light as corn sticks, and then made his way through the door.

One of the coins had rolled right over to the Weaver and still dumb with shock she lifted it, and there cast into the coin was a picture of the Baron of Curry Mallet, and on the reverse an simple illustration of two people walking in the path one a lady, the other a tall gent.

The End
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